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Tips to Help Your Teen Complete Their Homework Blog by Century Private School | Richmond Hill Ontario Private School

There may be multiple reasons why your teen may be having a difficult time finishing their homework. This is a common problem among adolescents, but it is one that can be resolved. We've laid out a few tips for you to help your teen complete their homework! Read more...

Blog article "5 Creative Education Activities for your Children" cover image

Children constantly learn, even during playtime. With such curious minds, educational activities can be a great experience for them to stimulate their minds and expand their knowledge! To help educate your children in creative and fun ways, we’ve compiled a list of educational activities you and your children can do!

National University describes Social Emotional Learning or SEL as a methodology that helps students better understand their own emotions, fully feel those emotions, and demonstrate empathy. These behaviors are taught to help students build frameworks to achieve their goals, make sound and responsible decisions, and create positive relationships with others. Learn about the four life-long benefits that come from Social Emotional Learning!

New behaviors require new boundaries. As your child transitions into a teenager, you’ll experience new challenges presented by them. They may test boundaries, break some rules, and experiment with their individualism. To help you navigate your child's transitioning period into a teen, we’ve compiled a few tips for you.