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Cover photo for Century Private School's blog article for parents about the benefits of music and dance for children's cognitive and physical development. A young student is playing the flute while the instructor or teacher watches and reads the sheet music.

Numerous benefits come from music and dance, such as cognitive, social, and physical development. In this article, we’ll list out ways in which music and dance benefit child development, along with some tips on how to incorporate them into your child’s daily life.

One of the most important things you can do for your child’s development is reading to them. Not only does it help improve their language and literacy skills, but it also has a host of other benefits that will have a positive impact on their lives. 

Tips to Help Your Teen Complete Their Homework Blog by Century Private School | Richmond Hill Ontario Private School

There may be multiple reasons why your teen may be having a difficult time finishing their homework. This is a common problem among adolescents, but it is one that can be resolved. We've laid out a few tips for you to help your teen complete their homework! Read more...

Blog article "5 Creative Education Activities for your Children" cover image

Children constantly learn, even during playtime. With such curious minds, educational activities can be a great experience for them to stimulate their minds and expand their knowledge! To help educate your children in creative and fun ways, we’ve compiled a list of educational activities you and your children can do!