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There are a lot of variables to consider between Private and Public school systems. It's important to highlight the differences, and we did so in this short booklet going over the Pros & Cons of Private and Public schools. Download our FREE book today!


Montessori Education vs. Traditional Kindergarten Blog Post Cover

The goal of any program for early education is to provide quality learning experiences for children. Since we can all agree that …

Children's Cognitive Development Blog Post Cover

From the moment they are born, children take in a large amount of information. With every new experience comes growth, and their perception and thought processes of their surroundings evolve. The early life of children is a crucial period of their development, and as a parent, you’d want to navigate it the best way possible!

Couples making the transition to parenthood often describe it as being one of the most joyous, exciting, and life-changing experiences of their …

OUR UNIQUE GOVERNMENT Canada is globally known as a strong and free country that has inherited the oldest continuous constitutional monarchy in …