Mrs. N. Wilson

Both of my children currently attend Century Private School. I’ve seen tremendous growth and confidence developed in them. Century provides a very positive, encouraging and stimulating environment. The teachers are AMAZING!! Flexible, patient, kind, educated, committed, compassionate, talented. I can go on and on, basically they bring out the best in the students. 

The administrative staff are also top notch. Very involved and know the students and families well. Very open approach to communication and interpersonal relationships. 

Overall Century Private School provides a very healthy and nurturing environment for my kids. I would recommend this school to anyone. 

Ayesha Hussain

I highly recommend this School to all parents. My child has attended this school since grade 1 and is now in grade 7. The School provides a rich learning environment; the teachers are always willing to go the extra step. The administration is helpful, accommodating and personable. The School’s commitment and passion towards its students can be felt and seen through their professionalism. Once again, highly recommended!

Dr. Irfaan Salyani

It is a great pleasure and an honour to recommend Century Private School to any prospective new parent. As a parent, we always wish our children to have the very best education and moral upbringing. We hope that our children will get the personal attention that they deserve, and that their minds will be nurtured and cultivated to bring out the best in them. We hope that the education that they have will be far superior to the regular schooling system, so that they will have a leading edge to propel them to future success. Finally, we hope they will develop long lasting friendships that they can maintain through life.

Sending your children to Century Private School means that your child will benefit from all that you hope for. The sense of family and belonging is evident through the fact that the school is run by the Pereira family. The staff and teachers are keen to help your kids achieve success. They take the time, and effort to know the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and then customize their approach to enhance the learning potential for each child. When it comes to learning, you will find that your kids are pushed in school as well as at home. The kids are challenged through homework and multiple projects that push their envelope of learning. They learn the latest computer skills and media options. Furthermore, the staff and teachers are always willing to listen and implement your feedback to really bring out the best in your kids. The kids love the school. What more could you ask for? Century Private School is the best school. We are so happy and proud that our kids are getting the very best education. We feel like a part of the Century family.

Joanne Boyle

I am pleased to write this testimonial for Century Private School.

My son has attended Century Private School for 10 years. He began at the age of 4 and continued through to Grade 8. He graduated in 2012 as an Honour Student. He is now in his first year at Western University.

I strongly feel that Century Private School has laid the foundation for all of my son’s academic achievements. The teachers were always there for him, they guided him, they cared for him, and they challenged him when he needed it. They aided him and prepared him in such a manner that he received a full scholarship to a prestigious private school, for that we will always be grateful.

I would highly recommend Century Private School.


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