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This year has been a little different for all of us, and we know that many of you are working hard while trying to adjust to this new school year. Although we miss the student presence within our school, your health and safety remains our number one priority. So while we cannot see you in person on a regular basis, we hope that this website will provide you with all the information, guidance, and support you will need as we continue with distance learning.

Weekly Updates

Quad 3 Mid-Term Report Cards

  • Mid-Term report cards for the current quadmester is now available for pick-up

  • Report card pick up will take place from Monday, Mar. 15th to Wednesday, Mar. 17th from 10am-11am and 2pm-3pm

  • Parents, guardians, and students  are asked to come during the given times or make arrangements with the guidance office for an alternate date and time


Upcoming P.A. Days

  • There will be no classes held on the following days: Friday, March 19th & Monday, March 22nd

  • Classes will resume on Tuesday, March 23rd

End of Quad 3

  • Final exams will take place from Tuesday, April 6th to Wednesday, April 7th 

  • Quad 4 will begin after the spring break on Monday, April 26th

  • Final report cards for Quad 3 will be available the week of Monday, April 26th


Spring Break

  • March Break has been postponed to April

  • The new spring break will run from Monday, April 12th - Friday, April 23rd

  • Classes will resume on Monday, April 26th

Academic Support

Course Transfer Deadlines
  • For each quadmester, students may transfer into a course NO LATER than two weeks after the start date.

  • After the two-week point, students will need the permission of the guidance counsellor or the principal.

Course Withdrawal Deadlines
  • If students wish to drop a course after the first two weeks of the quadmester start date, they must submit a formal request to the Guidance office and complete a Course Withdrawal Form (to be provided by the guidance counsellor).

  • Students who are under 18 years of age must also have a parent/guardian sign the form.

  • Please note that students will not be officially withdrawn from a course until the Course Withdrawal Form is completed, signed, and returned to the Guidance office. 

Community Service Hours
  • Secondary School students must complete 40 hours of community service in order to earn their OSSD.​

  • Students who wish to participate in a volunteer opportunity may obtain a Community Service Hours form from the Guidance office.​

  • Any completed Community Service Hours forms must be submitted to the Guidance office no later than Friday, May 28th in order to be process and approved by the school.

IMPORTANT: Students who are graduating in the 2020-2021 school year will only need to complete 20 hours of community service

ELL Support Program
  • At Century, we understand that the transition to a new life, a new country, and a new school can be difficult; these are just a few challenges that many of our international students face. Learning a new language and becoming fluent in English takes time, patience, and support from our teachers. ​

  • Therefore, beginning in quadmester 1, all ELL students will be provided with support during Period 5. Throughout this student-centered program, students work with their ELL teachers to practise and prepare for their other courses. Students will also be taught strategies on how to overcome language hurdles when studying other subjects.​

  • Students who are interested in joining the ELL support program can contact the guidance office or reach out to their ELL teachers. See below for our weekly ELL support schedule.

ELL Schedule.png

University & College

Important Dates:

January 15th 2021: 

  • OUAC Applications deadline for Ontario universities

Explore Ontario Universities and Colleges

Click on the links below for more information on Ontario Universities and Colleges

OUF Info.png
Colleges Ontario.jpg
Ontario Colleges.jpg


For the 2020-2021 school year, we are offering IELTS preparation classes from Monday-Thursday during period 5 (3pm-4pm). These practice classes will provide students with an insight into the IELTS exam, what to expect, and tips and strategies on how to be successful. Students will also be given several opportunities to practice their skills and complete several practice tests in order to prepare themselves for the exam.

For more information and to participate in these classes, students are encouraged to get in touch with the guidance office.

IELTS Deadlines and Important Dates

students are encouraged to submit their supplemental documents, including their IELTS results to the their chosen universities well before the deadline. Please contact the guidance office should you have any questions.

February 1st 2021

University of Toronto

Guelph University

February 15th 2021

University of British Columbia

February 19th 2021

University of Waterloo

March 1st 2021

Western University

April 1st 2021

McMaster University

Ryerson University

April 30th 2021

Queen's University

July 31st 2021

York University