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JK/SK Montessori
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Children under six have an impressive ability and drive to absorb knowledge from their surroundings. We at Century Private School strongly believe in taking advantage of this sensitive period through our series of JK/SK programs that promote multi-sensory learning.


By offering various forms of stimulation while permitting children the freedom to pursue their own educational inclinations, the optimal path of personal and social growth can be found and pursued. While we approach education from a holistic perspective, our curriculum does have several distinct components.


Our mathematics program offers children physical, hands-on materials such as Sandpaper Numbers, the Bead Stair, the Binomial Cube, etc., to help them develop an understanding of number symbols, quantities, basic algebra, and geometry. Games and activities are used to promote problem-solving skills that will combine with this numerical knowledge to form a strong base to carry the child into the more advanced elementary material.

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French Dictionary


An extension to our language program is French education. Children are exposed to French songs, stories, and activities that help them develop a sense of the language’s vocabulary and structure. Following themes like “The Calendar” and “Parts of the Body,” students learn how to express themselves in our country’s second official language.


Language is not just about what people say. It encompasses social interactions, reading, writing, how we listen and are listened to, and more. The ability to clearly phrase and express thoughts, as well as understand others, is an integral element of social growth. Century Private School’s language program promotes these abilities while also developing key literacy and phonic skills through various concrete apparatus such as Sandpaper Letters, the Small and Large Movable Alphabets, the Phonetic Farm, etc. We are proud to say that our students enjoy faster progress in language skills than their traditional-school counterparts.

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Art Class

The Arts

From paint to clay, Century Private School provides numerous visual mediums children can use to show their creativity. By talking about their creations and those of their peers, students develop a sense of different designs that will encourage perception skills and form the basis of art analysis in later years.

For the more vocally inclined, there is also our music program. Singing songs and playing with instruments instills auditory, precision, and choral speech skills while being extremely fun as well. Our music program partially draws on the work of Carl Orff, who considered music as another form of language. It draws on children’s innate sense of imagination and fantasy to teach simple, natural elements.


It is through the senses that the child studies and improves their understanding of their environment. Through work with materials such as cylinder blocks, thermic tablets, and red rods, students learn to classify the things around them. This classification empowers a child with the first steps in develop their intelligence, which then allows them to better adapt to their environment.

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Montessori cultural materials are designed to help children gain knowledge about Science, Geography, History, and Biology.  The Culture curriculum provides a wide array of activities including learning about the continents of the world, animals and habitats, the story of man, and botany and zoology.  Lessons in culture enable children to enrich their understanding of the world and their place in it.

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