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Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

The Montessori method is a proven method of education based on the scientific observation of the developing child, done over 100 years ago and pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori from Italy. You can find more information about the philosophy of Maria Montessori’s method on our About page.

Under the guidance of a Montessori trained teacher, your child is encouraged to explore and learn through discovery, progressing at his or her own pace. This individualized approach assists your child, from pre-school to elementary level, in reaching his or her full potential.

At Century Private School, a pleasant and nurturing environment fosters creativity and curiosity, encouraging your child to ask questions and think critically, while acquiring both academic and life skills.

A Montessori education emphasizes learning through all five senses. The Montessori method is based on the natural development of the child. Students learn at their own pace, following their unique interests. A Montessori classroom sees the teacher working in collaboration with the student to guide them in their development. The Montessori method emphasizes self-motivation through exploration, self-direction, and a process of discovery.

At Century Private School, our JK and SK classrooms follow the Montessori method; by the end of grade one, the Montessori method is phased out and an enriched Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum is followed from grade two to high school (grade 9-12). We encourage your child’s creativity and sense of self-exploration and development through extracurricular activities, house leagues, and in all other programs in place for all of our students.

No, students are educated without reference to religious denominations or teachings. As a result, our classrooms are extremely diverse, with students who come from numerous different cultures, backgrounds, and religions.

We offer a lot. First off, Century Private School offers the Montessori method of education in a safe, pleasant, and nurturing environment in our Casa (JK/SK) classes. We encourage your child to explore, discover, and develop as intelligent, confident, and compassionate individuals. Our Montessori trained teachers guide students through an integrated curriculum that is further enriched through our art, music, drama, and French language programs. The curriculum of our elementary program (grades one through eight) exceed Ministry standards. While public schools offer 150 minutes of instructional classroom time per day, Century Private School provides your child 300 minutes of instructional time per day! Our school has been voted Best Montessori Private School in Richmond Hill, making it a popular choice for parents like you who are seeking exceptional childcare and the very best education for their child. We offer programs for elementary students (JK – grade 8), and also offer high school (grade 9 – 12) courses that are inspected and Ministry of Education approved.

Our dedicated teachers are certified in the Montessori method of teaching, which guides your child’s own efforts and interests. Each Montessori teacher will observe and actively work to help your child achieve their goals through research and exploration.

Our success starts with our staff. At minimum, our talented and motivated elementary teachers are certified by the province of Ontario. However, many of our teachers at this level hold specifications in special education, ESL, and high school. Our arts programs are also led by specialists in each field.

All our high school curriculum teachers are specialist in their subject area. Curriculum ESL teachers are specialty trained as well. We offer all high school courses that lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). With the OSSD, your child can apply for university entrance anywhere in Ontario and beyond.

Yes, international students require a study visa to attend Century Private School. We will gladly provide assistance in the application process for this regard.

Century Private School will find you an excellent homestay arrangement in our school area. Homestay is offered for students from grade 4 up to grade 12.