Our School

Since 1994, Century Private School has offered a safe, pleasant, and nurturing environment for students from Montessori pre-school to high school.   We are dedicated in providing first-class education to embrace the vision of our students achieving excellence through their experience at Century Private School.

Our Management Team

Sybil Taylor
Sybil TaylorFounder and Montessori Consultant
Ms. Taylor founded Century Montessori Schools in 1994 (Casa) and 1997 (Casa and Elementary). Ms. Taylor has trained students in Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Spain over the last 36 years. She founded Newborough Teacher Training Institute (www.newboroughmontessori.com) in 2009 where she continues training teachers in Montessori Early Childhood Education (MACTE Accredited). In December 2015, Ms. Taylor was one of the recipients of the Wisdom of the Elders awards presented during the MACTE Symposium in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.
Marcel Pereira
Marcel PereiraSchool Director
Marcel Pereira has been involved in educational administration for private schools across the GTA for over 30 years. He cofounded Wishing Well Montessori, as well as Humberland Montessori School. His profound understanding and diverse range of knowledge allow him to provide an exceptional foundation in which teachers, parents, and students alike can work together. For the last 20 years, Mr. Pereira has been the director of Century Private School, formerly Century Montessori School.

His expertise and involvement have contributed to the widely recognized reputation of the school and his efforts in the field of education.

Elizabeth Pereira
Elizabeth PereiraPrincipal
Being heavily immersed in a desire to educate, inspire and direct students towards their full potential, Mrs. Pereira brings over 15 years of personal and professional experience to her role as Principal.

She has studied various programs at several universities including Clinical Psychology of Young Children and Adults at the University of Edinburgh, Child Nutrition through Stanford University, and Chemicals and Health at John Hopkins University.

Mrs. Pereira has used her experiences and knowledge to aid children of all abilities at various grade levels. She has developed both enrichment and remedial IEP’s, provided educational opportunities, workshops and learning strategies for our students with great success.

Mrs. Pereira is an accomplished academic advisor to students and faculty alike. She has continued to dedicate herself to personal, professional and academic development. Her invaluable expertise, not only on the subject of education and academics, but also regarding the health, wellness, safety and well-being of children and their development as a whole, provides Century Private School with key component for ongoing success.

Judith Garza
Judith GarzaHigh School Vice-Principal
Mrs. Garza has been in the educational field for over 30 years. Education is her passion.

She has a BA in Psychology and started as an ESL teacher when she was 19 years old, and has taught from JK all the way to University many different subjects. She loves teaching and also loves learning from children what they can share with her from a word in a different language, to a new APP on their Tablet!

She started as School Coordinator at the age of 21, and has been Vice Principal and Principal of multiple local and International schools, including Mexico, Canada and China.

Charlene Cannito
Charlene CannitoElementary School Vice-Principal
Charlene Cannito holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from York University, an Honours Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education from Newborough Teacher Training Institute, and a certificate in the TESOL/TEFL Specialist Course.

She has been a part of the Century family for 15 years, teaching Primary French, Casa Montessori, Grade 1, and English as a Second Language. Her passion for teaching is fuelled by her commitment to ensure that all students reach their potential and achieve personal development and academic success.